Introducing your helpful, hassle-free HR bot

Forget difficult, time-consuming tools. There’s a new bot in town.

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Step 1: Send out your NPS surveys delivers simple survey questions to your employees through Slack’s private messaging function.

Our bot will collect staff satisfaction scores (0-10) and follow-up with an open-ended question based on the results. Whether they’re highly satisfied or lacking motivation, you’ll know in an instant where you need to make improvements.

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Step 2: Gather your results

Forget tedious Excel spreadsheets. Our tool does the heavy lifting for you.

Once collects your data, it compiles these insights into one comprehensive dashboard.

Here’s what you get:

  • Your overall employee NPS score
  • Employee happiness levels
  • Individual written employee feedback
  • Survey status (who’s responded and who hasn’t)
  • Segmented results by length of service, department and gender
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Step 3: Turn those insights into actions

It’s difficult to champion change without knowing where to make it. 

But makes it easier than ever to turn analytics into actions. Share our simple but powerful graphics with any team and take small, incremental steps towards a happier, more engaged workplace. 

Sound like the bot you’re looking for? Sign up to our free 7-day trial to find out first-hand.

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