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84 percent of employees say they aren’t fully engaged at work. If this sounds all too familiar, Work.bot is the tool you need to accurately capture employee frustrations and expectations.

With a continuous feedback loop between staff and stakeholders, you can identify new engagement opportunities and make faster, more relevant changes to your workplace culture. 


Real data for real humans

All too often, ‘employee engagement’ is a buzzword rather than a reality. But Work.bot makes engagement quantifiable. Get up-to-the-minute insights from your team and make welcome improvements to your HR strategy. 



Email surveys sit in your employees’ inboxes for days or even weeks. Instead, interact with your team where they feel most comfortable. As a Slack integration, Work.bot enables your employees to give immediate and honest feedback.


Two-click installation

Instantly roll-out and launch our out-of-the-box NPS system and discover a faster, leaner solution to employee engagement and retention.

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